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Hello to the fewer readers who come across this page...

Just letting you know we are now also posting on tumblr and blogspot, besides facebook.

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Have a nice day and ROCK ON!


Our Webistes

Update about our websites:

Including links to websites, yahoo groups and facebook pages of

Rock Muses
Jane Asher (British actress who in the 1960s was Paul McCartney's fiancée and insired many of The Beatles songs): www.janeasher.webs.com
Bebe Buell (North American model, Playmate and musician who in the 1970s and 1980s dated many musicians and is Liv Tyler's mum): www.babybebeblue.webs.com
Demri Parrott (North American muse for Layne Staley and Alice in Chains): www.demriparrott.webs.com
Family Queen (for parents & siblings, relationships - wives, girlfriends, groupies and partners - and children of Queen band members): www.family-queen.webs.com
Lee Starkey (make-up artist and fashion designer daughter of Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr and first wife Maureen Starkey, lover of Kasabian's guitarrist Jay Mehler): www.leestarkey.webs.com
Drew Barrymore (North American actress and wild child. She had relationships with Jamie Walters, Eric Erlandson and Fabrizio Moretti. Friend of Courtney Love and godmother of Courtney and Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean): www.drewblythbarrymore.webs.com
Shannen Doherty (North American actress who dated Vince Neil from Motley Crue in 1993, and appears in several music videos (Slaughter's 'Real Love', Bellamy Brothers 'Guilty of the Crime'): http://www.beautifulshannen.webs.com/

Rock Music
Queen: http://www.themarchoftheblackqueen.webs.com

* * * *

Including links to websites, yahoo groups and facebook pages of

Rock Muses
Boyd Sisters (for models, rock muses and girlfriends sisters Pattie, Jenny and Paula Boyd): www.patriciaannboyd.webs.com
June Child (Syd Barrett's girlfriend, Marc Bolan's muse and lover of the Arrows' drummer Paul Varley): www.june-child.webs.com
Pam Courson (Jim Morrison's soul mate): http://pam-courson.webs.com/
Marsha Hunt (Model, singer and actress who had an affair with Marc Bolan and a daughter with Mick Jagger): www.marsha-hunt.webs.com
Charlotte Martin (model girlfriend of Eric Clapton, had an affair with George Harrison and was Jimmy Page's long-time compaion): http://www.charlotte-martin.webs.com
Nico (model, actress and singer-songwriter who was Andy Warhol actress and Velvet Underground singer): www.nico-icon.webs.com

Rock Music
Steve 'Peregrin' Took (Marc Bolan's partner in T-Rex band): http://www.steve-took.webs.com/
Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin's guitarrist and genius): http://dark-elf-page.webs.com/

And much more!

Our websites...

hello to the (few) readers we have :)
Since we had lots of problems with the host of our websites (piczo), we are leaving them and changing to a new one. Some of the sites are ready to visit! Some others it will take a while.
It's a pitty, since we were very well with piczo and built amazing and popular sites... but we requested help and support and they did never reply a single e-mail. We hope the new one (webs aka freewebs) will be better and foerver the host of our sites!
here are some banner if you want to visit the sites that have been already public:


FamilyZepp updated!

After a (too much) long hiatus, finally, www.FamilyZepp.piczo.com has been updated, adding pics of:

Maureen Wilson Plant:

Mo Jones:

Patricia Ecker:

And some more. More are coming soon! :D
And happy 2011 to everyone!!

Happy birthday, dear Demri!

If Demri Parrott was alive, tomorrow she would turn 41.
For remember her in that special day, some new pics have been found!
More can be found at http://www.DemriParrott.piczo.com

Bebe Buell Modelling Career :)

Bebe Buell was a model before being known as a Playmate of the montn in 1974. She modelled for the Ford agency feore the nudity pics where published, and then she was fired. But then she had a great modelling career in Europe.
Here are some rare finds of her modelling career during the 1970s:
1976 British Vogue
1972 - first job: Modern Bride magazine
  Both from 1973
Don't forget to enlarge them!

Source: babybebeblue yahoo groups